The Big Poetry Giveaway of 2015

It’s time for another poetry giveaway thanks to Kelli Agodon!

Wow, it’s been ages since I participated in this poetry giveaway. In case you are not familiar with the concept, poetry bloggers are invited to give away two books of poetry during National Poetry Month. One is our own if we have one. One is a book we love.

To enter your name into the “hat,” please leave your name in the comments. On May 1 2015, I’ll pick the two winners and mail you your books!

Book 1: Midnight Voices by me.
I’m giving away my first book. Here’s what one Amazon reviewer wrote about it:
“I am unabashedly Floridian, so this volume spoke to me– but as any fan of poetry knows, the transportation to another locale is a pastiche of our imagination and the skill of the poet.
Neither plush nor too sparse, the tone of this book strikes a balance between what we see, and what we ignore. Highly enjoyable, and worth revisiting.”

Book 2: Cold Pluto by Mary Ruefle
Love this book! The poems are razor sharp and rich. I admire how she writes about a wide variety of topics with great skill.

Learn more about the Poetry Giveaway.